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Pediatric Cardiology in India

Pediatric cardiologists specialize in the treatment of children with heart disorders. They take care of the unborn infants, through childhood, into their adulthood. Their patients are newborns and children with critical diagnostic and medical problems. The pediatric cardiologist works in collaboration with other specialist doctors in a multidisciplinary team.

Pediatric cardiologists are specialists in analyzing and treating heart issues in children. In case a child needs heart surgery, pediatric cardiologists work closely with pediatric heart surgeons. It ensures the best diagnosis and treatments. There are several pediatric cardiology hospitals in India. And people from across the globe visit the country to opt for the best Pediatric cardiology treatment in India.

Pediatric Cardiac Surgeons and Pediatric Cardiologists have a vast knowledge of treating infants and children with critical heart conditions. The common conditions are tetralogy and transposition, while Ebstein anomaly, truncus arteriosus, and tracheobronchial anomalies are some rare conditions. Some conditions are also diagnosed during pregnancy.

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