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Lip Surgery

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What is Lip Surgery?

Lip Surgery is a medical  procedure that helps individuals to get the desired  full lips. The person having thin or bigger lips can get the lip augmentation done as per their requirement  and make oneself look more attractive. One can get their lips enlargement surgery  with the help of dermal fillers or  silicone implants . A lips plastic surgery procedure is very simple as compared to other surgeries and along with that it  requires less time for recovery after ther surgery.  Medicaltrip provides  the best lip reduction surgery cost in India along with the best doctors and hospitals details for the surgery

Eligibility for lip enhancement surgery

The person looking for lip augmentation must be in  good health. Following symptoms must be avoided for the surgery

  • Cold Infection
  • Particular terrible diseases
  • Diabetes
  •  lupus
  • Any wounding of their lips

Why to get Lip Augmentation?

  • If a person has naturally thin lips and wants some enhancement.
  • When someone wants to  enhance their  lips.

Tests for Lip Surgery

Given below are some of the test which are performed before going for surgey:

  • Allergy test
  • Fasting blood sugar test
  • Postprandial glucose test
  • Urine test

Types of Lip Surgery

  1. With Injectable Materials-. In this the surgeons decide s the best on the one which is most suited to an individual’s needs. There are different types of lip surgery.  The procedure takes less time and healing  normally needs a day or 2.
  2. Collagen Centered Fillers- These are categorized into two groups depending upon people originated from humans, and animals
  1. Acid Centered Fillers- These Acid based fillers have ellagic acid in them. These are biodegradable and pure acid and do not cause any harm. This acid  helps in blending  water from the molecules at the lips, which offer organic moisture. This filler remains fresh longer as compared to other fillers. These  fillers do not  need any allergy evaluation to be performed prior to the process.

Read the below given benefits of acid centered fillers:

  • It helps in controlling the lip volume.
  • Also help in Gradual pace of treatment.
  • Using these Bumps dissolve easily.
  • It causes Less bruising.
  • Long lasting lasting results.
  • Do not cause Allergic reaction.
  1. Surgical Method- This procedure  requires local anesthesia and can be completed by making cuts to the outline of their lips. These cuts are small  and are usually covered  by the red skin. After a cut is made then a cavity is shaped to spend the implant,
  2. Human tissue is predicated – They are basically  produced from human skin or cells. In this method there must be passing of  exact FDA standards of customer safety. The result is permanent and is far better than those attained by other methods. The dangers related to surgical methods are greater than  dangers connected with the  filler transfer method. There can be cases of disease, discoloration, stiffness, and of the lips, implant rejection, migration, etc.
  • Polymer established –In this medical version of the substance is used which are also used for  creating raincoats/ tents. This is a modest inelastic and is helpful  to the organic rise of these tissues.
  • Fat Transport – This procedure is  mostly a low-risk kind of lip enhancement procedure and is opted by many patients. . In this procedure elimination of fat from another portion of somebody’s body and then injection  to the lips takes place. The lips look quite natural after this procedure .As you know the fat is present in the entire body part therefore , dangers related to this kind would be the least. It takes only a few minutes therefore  No hospitalization is needed for this.
  • Brazilian” reduction-  this reduction focuses on slimming only one part of the lips. Basically is is done on the lower lip to give it a better shape. And for this surgeon takes out the portion from the center of the lips to get the desired volume or shape.

Lip augmentation surgery cost in india

Lip filler cost in India depends on various factors such as the type of hospital you are choosing or the surgeon doing surgery along with extra charges of various test performed. Given below are the approx cost of the surgery:

  • Lips surgery price–  Rs 93,000/-
  • Lip reduction surgery cost in Chennai- Rs 71,500/-
  • lip reduction surgery cost in delhi- Rs 78,750/-
  • lip injections cost- Rs 25,000/-  to 50,000/-
  • upper lip surgery cost- starting from 25,000/-

Factors Affecting the Cost of Lip Augmentation Treatment

There are many factors which are responsible for the lip job cost in india. Read the points given below to know

  • Type of process opted
  • The expertise of this physician
  • Type of hospital opted
  • Fillers Are priced as per the syringe injected by the surgeon
  • The cost  also depends upon how much material is required

Procedure for lip enhancement

Lip surgery is not a time taking procedure.. It only requires a few hours and then you are good to go. But after surgery prevention and precaution  must be taken as per the advice of the surgeon.

Before the Procedure

  • Before going for the surgery a person must not suffer from cold or diseases such as diabetes or lupus, or with blood clotting issues. When the physician gives the confirmation of the surgery they  only look forward to the same.. Take proper medications as prescribed by the surgeon. .
  • Drugs that could lead to bruising like Naproxen,  Aspirin, Ibuprofen or some other  non-steroidal anti-inflammatory painkillers have to be averted.

During the Procedure

  • The enhancement procedure can be carried out immediately with minimal to no downtime.
  • In this process a small region of liposuction is done to eliminate the excess  fat from a different part of somebody’s body.
  • Then a local numbing agent is used  ahead of the injections to make the patient comfortable.
  • It can be compared to the anesthetic shots which are given by your  dentist to numb the mouth area.
  • Once the  marking of  the regions which are to be injected is completed then really fine needles are injected on your lips.
  • Swelling and distress  of the region can be  eased by using Ice Packs.
  • The treatment area must  be held at simplicity and business pressure must  not be placed onto it.

After the Procedure

There are some other precautions which must be taken after the surgery to avoid any kind of risk or problem in future

  • After the surgery Ice must be put five times  on the area in a day,
  • Ice will help in  relieving any discomfort.
  • Avoid taking alcohol for 24 hours after the lip injections as it  causes the blood vessels to dilate and create bruising around the mouth.
  • Avoid wearing  lipstick right after the procedure.
  •  wait until the swelling has gone down.
  • It is better to avoid straws because that will touch the lips that are swollen and the suction needed to use a straw may prove to be awkward.
  • After the cure of swelling you can use all the straws one wants.
  • Avoid exercising or other activities for a full day after the injections. As it can  raise blood pressure and elongate the swelling of the lips more.
  • A few people feel pain or  bruising around the injection site.

Complications after lip surgery

Some Complications might also occur post the surgery. But these will only last for a few days:

  • Bleeding in the injected area.
  • Swelling and Bruising
  • Repetition of cold sores or fever blisters of their lips
  • Redness and tenderness may develop in the position of the injection
  • Stern and postponed swelling
  • Swelling may be last upto 10 days
  • Lip unevenness
  • Lumps from the lips
  • The injection may Lead to reduction of tissue.
  • Portion, Scarring of lips might occur
  • Ulceration of the  lip

Things to be known before the opting the surgery

Generally lip surgery ends with successful.But still after care is a must and direct interaction with your surgeon  helps the patient to have a better control over the recovery process. Given below are some of the points one must keep in mind:

  • Total time required for the recovery process?
  • What medications will be prescribed by the surgeons?
  • In what time stitches will be removed.
  • Restrictions related to diet.
  • How many times one must come for follow ups.When should you come back for follow-up care?
  • Is the result long lasting or not.


Lip augmentation is a medical cosmetic procedure that can help you in getting  beautiful, plumper and fuller lips.  Nowadays a variety  of methods are available for painless surgeries.  Dermal fillers are one of the methods and also lip fillers are priced in India is not much as compared to other countries . You can get the lip job done at a reasonable price. One of the most common methods is by hyaluronic acid fillers. Ask your surgeon about what type of lip enhancement will suit you. You can do upper lips or lower lips or both as per your choice.  Make your lips look more beautiful with the best surgeons available on the medicaltrip. Take proper advice and precautions.

Person must be properly fit before going for the surgery. The person must not be suffering from any kind of disease or any other medical problem. Recovery does not take much time but after the surgery it will take some time for the lips to look natural.  Read the given below table.

Duration 40-60 Minutes
Anesthesia Local Anesthesia
Hospital Stay Day Care
Recovery 1-2 Days
Corrects Large & Asymmetrical Lips



  • Is lip surgery painful?

Lip surgery involves removing skin tissues from the lower or upper lips whichever is  required.  This is done to grove the desired shape to your lips. Before the surgery starts anesthesia is given so that you do not feel any pain. Therefore we can say that lip surgery is not painful.

  • Do lip lifts look natural?

By altering the shape and form of your lips,one can easily differentiate between your natural and surgical lips. But after the surgery, it will take some time to make your  lips   look natural.

  • How can I lift my lips naturally?

There are many home remedies available to lift your lips naturally but it will take time. Here are a few techniques available which you can try.  Start whistling as it will help your lip muscles become more  active and will make your lips look plump.Pucker up your lips as if you are pouting  and hold this position for a couple of seconds, repeat this method at least 10 times a day to see results quickly.

  • Can lip size be reduced without surgery?

There is no other way present other than surgery to reduce the size of your lips. There are alternative methods also present  to help reduce the appearance of lip size that include  dermal fillers in your cheeks  as it will add volume  in in the upper part of your face

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