Spine Treatment in India

What is Spine?

The spine in our body is the central support structure. It keeps us upright/straight  and  helps in connecting the different parts of our skeleton to each other such as  our head, shoulders, chest, pelvis,arms and legs.  The spine is made up of a chain of bones and its elastic ligaments and spinal disks make it  flexible. Spine’s length depends on the height of the person.The average length of the spine is 71 cm in men and that of women is  61 cm. Spine performs many functions such as it carries the weight of head, torso and arms, and allows the body to move in every direction. Some parts of the spine are more flexible than others. The cervical spine (neck area)  is the most flexible part. The bones that are responsible for  making  up the spine protect the spinal cord, which runs through the spinal canal.

Parts of Spine

A healthy spine is of S shape which has three natural curves. These curves protect the spine from injury. Spine is made up of different parts:

Spine Segments

Spine segment is made up of 33 vertebrae. There are 5 distinct spine segments.  Starting from the neck and going down toward your buttocks.

Conditions affecting the Spine

There are many reasons by which our spine gets affected.

When to visit the Doctor?

One should consult a health expert when experiencing the following:

How to keep your spine healthy?

Strong back muscles can help you in protecting the spine and prevent back problems. Do the back-strengthening and stretching exercises for at  least twice a week.