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What is breast cancer?

Breast cancer is the formation of cells in the breasts. Breast cancer is the most common cancer diagnosed in women in the United States after skin cancer. It can occur in both men and women, but it is common in women.

There are many campaigns happening for diagnosing and treatment of breast cancer. As compared to previous years survival rates have increased, and the death rate is simultaneously due to factors such as earlier detection of the disease. Breast cancer treatment in India is easily available in many top hospitals. There are the best surgeons available for the treatment.

Breast cancer treatment cost

The approximate breast cancer surgery cost in India varies from 2000-7000 USD. The cost varies according to the kind of therapy and period of the disease. The patient must be there for some period of time in the hospital. Various tests are performed to diagnose Breast Cancer including mammograms, Breast augmentation, Biopsy, PET scans, Breast Assessment, and MRI.

Symptoms of the breast Cancer

1. A massive bulge from the breastfeeding
2. The breasts have shifted their size
3. The breast skin has grown dimples
4. The Place of the breast has inverted
5. Pigmentation or Rashes Begin to grow on the eyebrow
6. Irregular fluid release in the nipples
7. Lumps or swelling can be seen in the eyebrow

There’s abnormal pain in the breasts which does not go away for a long period of time. .

Procedure for the treatment of breast cancer

Diagnosis of Breast Cancer Treatment

Diagnosing of Breast cancer is the first step. It is generally diagnosed by a physical exam. When the symptoms are seen then the physicians can advise these evaluations:
1. Mammogram
2. Biopsy
3. Breast Ultrasound
4. Ultrasound of Lymph Nodes
5. Blood Test
6. Breast MRI Scans

Breast cancers have a success rate of 100% if diagnosed at the early stages and also have an excellent survival rate until the intermediate phases also. The odds of a long and successful life decrease considerably from the progressive phases and therefore early treatment and detection can save a lot of lives.

The procedure of Breast Cancer Treatment

For treating breast cancer oncologists follow a strategy, hormone therapy, Surgery, chemotherapy, radiotherapy and biological treatment are performed for treating breast cancer.

The success of this treatment depends on various factors like the kind of breast cancer, stage and its grade, the sensitivity of the cancer cells to hormones, the general wellness of the individual, and also the era of the individual

Surgeries for the treatment

• Lumpectomy: Small glands surrounded together in the breast tissues are removed surgically.
• Mastectomy: It is a significant operation that involves the elimination of breastfeeding, or lobules, nipple, areola, chest wall, ducts, fatty cells and lymph nodes in the armpit according to demand.
• Sentinel Node Biopsy: When cancer cells have spread into the lymph node it is eliminated by means of this surgery.
• Axillary Lymph Node Dissection: if the sentinel nodes have cancer then many lymph nodes of the armpit are removed by means of this surgery.
• Cosmetic Dentistry Surgery: Following this elimination of the breast for cancer therapy, this cosmetic surgery is done to replace the very best to appear as natural as you can.
1. Chemotherapy plays an important Role in limiting the growth of tumors.
2. It is administered through the mouth.
3. The medications get to the blood and limit the growth of malignant cells.
4. The medication is also injected right into the region with cancerous expansion.


1. Radiotherapy is required to restrict the growth of more cancer cells.
2. 3 to 5 sessions per week is required for 3 to 6 months of radiotherapy
3. Breast cancer treatment is performed after lumpectomy.
4. Chest wall radiation treatment is performed after mastectomy.
5. An elevated dose of radiation for Breast boost is given following the surgical removal of tumors in the breast.
Lymph node radiation treatment is done for cancer cells that have reached the lymph nodes have been ruined. .

Hormone Therapy

1. This therapy is used for treating breast cancers that are sensitive to hormones.
2. If for some reason the patient is not able to undergo surgery, chemotherapy or radiotherapy subsequently hormone treatment is still the sole method of providing relief.
3. This could last up to five decades.

Procedure for breast cancer treatment.

1. The patients will have to remain in the hospital for several days depending on the stage and status of cancer and type of operation to be done.
2. Full recovery can take a long period of time and can take a somewhat longer time for end-stage patients.
3. Regular follow-up and visits are necessary at regular intervals to confirm the rise of the cell’s of this tumor.
4. The patient has to undergo some unwanted effects of chemotherapy and radiotherapy for example accelerated weight loss, fatigue,hair loss, nausea etc..
5. With the help of medication, these things can be decreased and can be made more simpler for the patients.
6. Symptoms such as the loss of desire, sudden menstrual cycle, upset stomach, fatigue and back pain, quick weight loss, bloating, prostate difficulties, stomach pain etc reappear and stay stable for extended periods then the patients must consult the physician.

Factors Affecting the Cost of breast cancer treatments:

There are many factors that affect the breast cancer surgery cost:
• The type of hospital you have selected for the treatment.
• Facilities provided by the hospital such as deluxe room, Standard single room, superb dining room for the number of days such as room rate, nursing charge, ICU, meals and room services.
• The fee to the group of physicians Radiation Oncologists, Anesthetists, Surgeons, Surgical Diagnostic Radiologists, Physiotherapists, Dieticians.
• Medicines cost
• Regular follow-ups, checkups, and diagnostic processes
• Sort of operation/surgeries undertaken
• chemotherapy periods demanded the patients.
• Cost of radiotherapy.

The average cost of breast cancer treatment

Breast cancer treatment can come with a heavy price tag. Even if your doctor finds cancer at an early stage. One can face surgery, radiation, chemotherapy, medications, doctor visits, and various tests. And it can cost as much as a person can never imagine. According to a study, 1 in 3 women said that the breast cancer surgery cost was more than they expected. They even avoided doctor visits to save some money. Some women even have good insurance plans but still, find the breast cancer treatment cost front-loaded. Co-pays, co-insurance and Deductibles pile up in the first 2-3 months after diagnosis of cancer. In case you run out of pocket maximum then the best way to deal with the costs of breast cancer treatment is to be prepared in advance for all situations. Take care of everything in advance and maintain all the things properly. It includes talking to your surgeons about all the treatments cost.Your oncologist can also refer to groups that can help you to pay for medications and services and can help you in planning all the expenses such as transportation and child care. Don’t skip doctor visits and treatments because of money.

Treatment Plan

There is no fixed price for the treatment of breast cancer. Your doctor will make a proper treatment plan based on your situation and stage of cancer. That includes::
• Surgeries like lymph node removal, lumpectomy, mastectomy, and breast reconstruction
• Radiation to kill the growth of cancer cells and shrink tumors
• Chemotherapy to attack cancer cells
• Hormone therapies to stop the growth of tumors
• Targeted therapies that go after the cancer cells which make less impact on healthy cells than chemotherapy
• Immunotherapy to build your body’s immune system to attack the growth of cancer cells even after the treatment.
• Regular visits to an oncologist firstly in every few months and then after 5 years
• Mammograms of 6-12 months after a lumpectomy surgery once a year.
• Pelvic exams once a year if you take certain hormone drugs that raise the risks of uterine cancer
• Bone density tests if you take other hormone drugs for treatment.
• Medications required to reduce the risk of the comeback of cancer cells.

Direct Medical Costs for treatment of breast cancer in India

How much chemotherapy costs for breast cancer? It basically depends on the insurance plan, stage and type of cancer you have, place where you live and many more. Studies have put some light on costs allowed by insurance companies for breast cancer surgery, radiation, medications, chemo and certain other medical costs for women who are in the ages 18-64.

• For women who are diagnosed with stage 0 breast cancer (small, localized tumors, these medical costs are approximately $48,477, on average, 6 months after diagnosis. The total cost at the end is $71,909 after 2 years approximately. .
• For stages I and II tumors that had not grown deeply into nearby tissues, the cost range was $61,621-$97,066 approx.

• For 3rd stage larger tumors that spread to nearby areas, $84,481-$159,442
• For 4th stage(affecting other parts of the body , $89,463-$182,655
• Breast cancer treatment cost in Apollo – 5-6 lakh
• Breast cancer treatment cost in AIIMS Delhi- The average cost to a patient in AIIMS is Rs. 14,031 before starting radiotherapy and with cost of radiotherapy at Rs. 8,184, the total cost of radiotherapy treatment is Rs. 22,215 approximately.
• Breast cancer treatment cost in Tata Memorial Hospital- 20 lakh
Indirect breast cancer treatment cost
Sometimes you often need more than just a doctor’s care when you are suffering from breast cancer.
• Sometimes you need physical therapy for tightness, pain and swelling in your arms after the surgery. There are many health plans that cover physical therapy for cancer treatment.
• Mental health therapy can help you deal with the stresses of breast cancer treatment.
• You might need a wig due to hair loss because of chemo or radiation. Synthetic wigs cost approx $30-$500,
It is advised to take some time off work, for your proper treatment too. Do proper research on the hospitals, insurance plans so that you cannot go out of money for your treatment,
• How much does it cost to treat breast cancer?
RGCIRC is among the top hospitals in Delhi NCR, India to treat breast cancer. The Approximate cost of treatment is between INR 5 to 6 lakhs, including radiotherapy, surgery and investigations.
• How much does chemotherapy cost for breast cancer?
With targeted therapy chemotherapy, it may cost you more than INR 20 lakh for six cycles. Excluding chemotherapy the average cost is Rs 5-6 lakh .
• How much does it cost to treat cancer in India?
In private hospitals, the total cost of cancer care is Rs 1,41,774, which is comparatively higher as compared to government hospitals as the cost in public hospitals is Rs 72,092 in . The state wise pattern shows that the overall cost of cancer care in India varies from state to state.
• Is chemo for breast cancer worth it?
If the cancer is spread, chemotherapy helps in controlling breast cancer to help you live longer. It can also help in easing the symptoms of cancer. Chemotherapy for breast cancer also carries a risk of side effects which are Mild and temporary, others more serious or permanent.
• How much does a round of chemo cost?
Chemotherapy cost in India can range upto 600 USD to 1050 USD per cycle. The price depends upon chemotherapy medications, a period of cancer, and other aspects. Chemotherapy is an out-patient therapy and lasts for a half to 2 hours.

Breast Cancer treatment

There are a variety of treatments available for breast cancer treatment, at every stage of cancer. Most patients required a combination of two or more treatments in some cases.
After diagnosis the doctor will determine the stage of the cancer. After that they will decide the best treatment options based on the stage and other factors, such as family history, genetic mutation status, age, and personal medical history if any. Treatments which are done in early stage breast cancer may not be that effective for advanced stage breast cancer.
Surgery for breast cancer

Mastectomy and Lumpectomy are two surgical options. Which surgery is to be done is based on:
• the location and size of the primary tumor
• personal preference
• other factors such as genetic predisposition

Biopsy of the lymph nodes will probably be performed simultaneously.
A mastectomy is the process in which the entire breast is removed. It is basically recommended when cancer is found throughout the breast. Some people need double or bilateral mastectomy, where both breasts are removed. And surgery to reconstruct the breast can begin at the time of the mastectomy.


Lumpectomy is also called breast-conserving surgery. In this surgery the surgeon removes the cancerous cells and spares the rest of the breast. It is performed when cancer is confined to one area of the breast. By this surgery the patients can go home shortly after the surgery and won’t need to stay in a hospital for a long period of time. .

Radiation therapy

Radiation therapy is a type of targeted therapy where high-energy X-rays are used to kill cancer cells. It is recommended in the early stages of breast cancer, after lumpectomy surgery for stage 0, and can be used alongside other treatments.

This treatment lowers the risk of cancer recurrence. This therapy is administered 5 days/ week over the course of 5 to 7 weeks.


Chemotherapy uses powerful drugs to kill cancer cells from the body. It is given orally or intravenously but is occasionally administered directly into the spinal fluid surrounding the spinal cord.
Not everyone suffering from breast cancer needs chemotherapy. It is basically recommended before surgery to shrink a tumor so that it can be removed more easily, or after surgery to kill any remaining cancer cells.
Given below are the variety of chemotherapy drugs used to treat breast cancer
• docetaxel
• doxorubicin
• cyclophosphamide
One can receive a combination of several chemotherapy drugs simultaneously.The length of chemotherapy treatment depends on how the treatment is going and how well the body is tolerating the drug. You can read more about this only on the medical trip.


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