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Use of Laser Technology in Medical Treatment in India

26, May, 2022

Laser technology became a part of medical science in 1960. At that time, doctors were not sure about the condition where they could use it. However, with time this procedure has found various utilities. And now, laser technology is a widely-used procedure in medical treatments in India. Modern medical technology uses laser treatment in plastic […]

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Heart Transplant Treatment in India : Procedure, Costs & Hospitals

25, May, 2022

A heart Transplant refers to saving the most vital organ of human anatomy. If the heart stops functioning, the rest of the organs of our body will stop working as well. Because the heart pumps blood that carries oxygen and other nutrients to our entire body. So a failure of heart function will lead to […]

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Medical Tourism in India is Getting Bigger and Better

19, May, 2022

Medical tourism is a growing sector in India. In mid–2020, India’s medical tourism sector was estimated to be worth US$5–6 billion.

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Top 10 Hospitals in India | Best Treatment

30, Apr, 2022

Whenever someone is ill and needs medical consultancy or hospitalization, our first concern is which hospital to approach. It is because we seek the best treatment for our family and friends. And we want to ensure that the hospital provides the best services while practicing advanced health technology. There are several super-specialty hospitals in India, […]

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Lip Surgery in India | Procedure & Cost

05, Dec, 2021

What is Lip Surgery? Lip Surgery is a medical  procedure that helps individuals to get the desired  full lips. The person having thin or bigger lips can get the lip augmentation done as per their requirement  and make oneself look more attractive. One can get their lips enlargement surgery  with the help of dermal fillers […]

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